TV & Film Music Compositions

As a producer/composer I have been lucky to have my music used on countless TV productions worldwide.


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24  BBC "My Family"  Channel 4 "How to Look Good Naked"   ARD Morgen Räum ich Auf  


Normally the music I write for this is limited to distribution within the industry however in a unique move, a lot of it is now available on iTunes.


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If you hear any of my stuff on the telly please let me know !

Latin Urban - this is an album I did with rapper MC Magico ... a selection of reggaeton, latin-hip hop with cumbia and salsa.  one of the tracks "Cha Cha Fiesta" was the theme tune to the UK television programme How to Look Good Naked. Another track "Speed", probably the nastiest thing I've ever written, was used on Sky Sports.

Classic Disco - this one is new & fresh, recorded in 2009.  My job was to recreate the sound of the 70's which I did with vocalists Aquilla Fearon and Phillip Browne plus a great backing band.

Strictly Ballroom - I researched a lot of the main ballroom styles and then got the band in to record some tunes - foxtrot, cha cha, rhumba, waltz and more !!!

Salsa Live & Remixed

I got to go through all the styles - son, bomba, cha cha, songo, conga, bachata, cumbia, pachanga and record them ... great !  Also, all tracks were then remixed by other producers so this is a really interesting double CD.