.. some of the talented musicians I have been fortunate enough to work with ...

Aquilla Fearon - who sang our salsa hit Ain't Nobody on the Inglaterra album

Javier Fioramonti - who plays bass on the tracks often heard in the salsa club Antonio and  Ain't Nobody .  He has his own project Manteca

Davide Giovannini - has been an integral part to many of my projects.  He plays drum kit, bata drums, timbales and sing leads vocal.  An extremely versatile musician, he sings the Spanish lead on Show Me and Nature Boy, plays timbales on the Inglaterra album, timbales on the R&B Latino album and drum kit on the instrumental latin jazz album Aventuras. Davide plays a key role in the new project Mali Latino.  Check out his music on MySpace and also a really interesting page that the BBC has on their website about Davide.

Andy Robertson - versatile instrumentalist who plays bass, drums and keyboards equally well !  He introduced me to contemporary gospel, the influences of which you can hear on my Salsa con Soul album.  He co-composed Stronger on the album, sung by his partner Naomi Phillips and plays bass on my Disco album.

Lauren Dalrymple - is one of the first musicians I worked with when I moved to London as a budding musician.  She has sung on three of my albums - Afro-Saxon, Anglo-Cubano and R&B Latino including the salsa dance floor hit Nature Boy.  We have written many songs together for each others projects - her latest album is "Copasetic"  is out now ....

Dilanga - a cuban rumba group based in London featuring several musicians I have worked with including percussionists Dave Pattman and Jim Lemesurier.  Dave travelled with me to Cuba in 1999 to co-produce the Anglo-Cubano album and has also co-written many tunes with me including R&B Latino & Anglo-Cubano. Jim gave me some of my first salsa gigs ever with his band "La Clave" !