You are listening to 'Unity', a track especially produced by Alex Wilson for the GAAP Orphanage Foundation featuring Douglas Elom.


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Track Title : Unity
Artist : Alex Wilson featuring Douglas Elom
Executive Producers : GAAP Orphanage Foundation
Produced, directed and arranged by Alex Wilson
Recorded at : Wolf Studios, London by Dominique Brethes,Inch Marlowe Studios, Mannheim by Günther Geiger
Mixed and mastered at :  Soundcheck Studios, Zürich by Jeannot Steck
lead vocal :  Douglas Elom
backing vocals : Aquilla Fearon
additional vocals : Neil Mcleod
rapper : Bayo Elom
additional rap : MC Magico
piano, keyboards : Alex Wilson
bass : Andy Robertson
all percussion : Edwin Sanz
trumpet : Shanti Paul Jayasinha
saxophones : Paul Booth

We would like to extend special thanks to the following individuals who donated their time and facilities for free :
Günther Geiger, Douglas Elom, Bayo Elom, Aquilla Fearon, Neil Mcleod, MC Magico, Andy Robertson, Alex Wilson, Shanti Paul Jayasinha & Paul Booth