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    Paul (Sunday, 02 November 2014 21:35)

    Alex your piano playing and arrangements are great- look forward to catching you play live soon

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    Ed Hogbin (Tuesday, 27 December 2011)

    Saw you at the Jazz Cafe with Ernest Ranglin and had a great time. Pleased also to see there's a lot of the Amsterdam concert on Youtube which is very well shot and clearly shows you enjoying every minute. Keep up the excellent good work and hope to see you again soon.

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    shefix (Sunday, 20 February 2011 23:44)

    nice! :)

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    Pete Burch (Tuesday, 14 December 2010 00:23)

    Hi Alex,

    I have just donated and downloaded the Unity EP so I thought I'd take the time to congratulate you on such a philanthropic gesture. Making great music and helping the world at the same time... Awesome!

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    Sue Miller (Thursday, 18 November 2010 16:15)

    Hi Alex
    Let me know if you ever need a tutor for your Cuban music and Salsa courses in 2011 (I finish my PhD this year) - I run my own and have a lot of resources - arrangements, handouts, videos etc!

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    Jim Benitez (Monday, 05 July 2010 21:46)

    Salsa Con Soul, and R&B Latino are the top hit albums in New England's Latin Jazz Station WICN 90.5 FM and online at WICN.ORG!!!

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    Vered (Rose) Shavit Mazor (Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:15)

    Dear Mr. Wilson,

    Whenever the DJ plays your song "Ain't nobody", I make sure I have a partner and dance to it: I can handle not dancing to other favorite songs of mine, but I can't abide not dancing to this one.

    Whenever I listen to it – and especially when I dance to it – I feel like I could fly, I'm empowered, I feel I could do anything, I believe I could do anything.

    When I purchased "Inglaterra", I listened to that song on "repeat" often.

    When I was fired from work (1st time ever), fired from a job I loved, I decided to be kind to myself and give myself a being-fired-gift.

    There is a corridor in the building where my office was located in, that always made me feel like dancing in it. Not sure why that is so. There is no one in that building who dances Salsa, so during the year and a half I worked there, that wish was never fulfilled.

    When I was fired, I called some friends, and arranged to come in when the building was closed during a weekend, to finally dance Salsa in that corridor, and even have it videotaped, as a souvenir. And I immediately knew to which song I was gonna dance to – your "Ain't nobody".

    I'm embarking now on a new road, and I don't know where it'll take me next.

    If you will do me the honor of reading this Email and maybe even watching this videoclip , I'll be delighted and moved, as, even though we do not know each other, you were a significant part of a meaningful time in my life.


    Vered (Rose) Shavit Mazor
    Newly fired
    Former manager of a nonprofit organization
    Lover of (Cuban) Salsa

    (Originally sent as an Email on Feb. 5th 2010)

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    Jules Faife (Saturday, 13 March 2010 17:18)

    Hey, good to see those bleary-eyed pics of Tunisia gig, and the realistic account of the ups and downs! As people often say to musicians, it's great to do a job you love isn't it?!

    New site looks great! Hope to catch up soon,