Nine Quality Albums & Two Educational Books

Alex Wilson Trio (2013)  BUY NOW

A combination of live and studio recordings, this is his first for acoustic piano trio. A new departure, but is also a thought-through amalgamation of experiences gathered and remembered from two decades touring the world.  Brimful of energy and ideas, this album is a strong statement about the breadth and interconnections of Alex Wilson's musical heritage and the equatorial currents linking West African music with the music of the Caribbean and Latin America.

It's back to hard-core salsa for me now, building on the artists I have produced over recent years.  So from the Colombian salsa dura of Jean Paul Tamayo to the Afro-Cuban bagpipes of Wilber Calver, the soulsa power of AQuilla and the heavy duty MC Magico .. this is not to be missed!

This journey I took encompasses the mandé traditions from Mali with Afro-Cuban heritage ... co-produced by master kora player Madou Sidiki Diabaté and multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Fofana.  Watch the making of video here.

The second chapter in my salsa journey across the world, this CD brings collaborations with gospel producers and soul writers to produce a steamy combination. Add into the mix a healthy dashing of salsa dura tracks all combined to make up an album that just bursts through with the energy of all my musicians combined.

Hard-hitting salsa grooves, soul vocals and steamy salsa arrangements can only describe this album.  It also pushes the salsa boundaries with a Bhangra-Salsa track ‘Oh Kuri’ featuring young singer Shahid Abbas Khan.  Regular salsa dancers will recognize the hits ‘Show Me’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ and young rapper MC Magico features on a reggaeton-salsa ‘Subelo’. 

"Alex Wilson spices up his latin floor-fillers with R&B beats"  The Guardian ****

Afro-Saxon (1998)  BUY NOW

Find the Rhythm!  BUY NOW

book with accompanying CD written by Alex and leading salsa instructor/dancer Lee Knights. A 120 page book with over 30 workbook exercises and accompanying CD, this is a must for lovers of salsa and latin rhythm in general with clear explanation of clave, instrument signposts and the rhythms of salsa

Play Violin the Cuban Way (2010)

Book with accompanying CD by Omar Puente and Alex Wilson

Have you ever wanted to play Cuban music on the violin? Have you ever fancied trying your hand at improvising but don’t know where to start ?
If you have been asking yourself these questions, whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur, student or professional, this book is for you.

Play Violin the Cuban Way provides a step-by-step practical guide to the interpretation of Latin music on the violin. After a few simple steps you will find yourself playing melodies and improvising solos in the Cuban style, and broadening your horizons to include the incredible musical heritage of Cuba.